Introducing Accelerator Radio

Accelerator Radio is a podcast dedicated to telling the inside story of the participants and experiences inside startup accelerators, sometimes called startupbootcamps.

The fintech industry is booming in the last 3 years, and the investment is expected to keep growing.   Investment in Fintech was at $3 billion in 2013.  That number went to $12 billion in 2014.   It is expected to climb to $20 billion this year.  And by 2020, $46 billion is the projected investment.   The companies and players trying for their piece of the pie are all hoping to be part of an accelerator program that provides mentoring and invaluable contacts.

Accelerator Radio expects to bring you the insiders point of view every week, from the administrators, the mentors, the investors, and of course- from the startups themselves. Our first series is focused on Fintech Startupbootcamp Singapore which is a new extension of Fintech Startupbootcamp London.   To see bios and information on the bootcamp and all the teams, go to,  but catch the real stories from the people who make it happen here, every two weeks, on Accelerator Radio.


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